Coucour is a Belgian company founded by Robert Huygh.

During his first trip to the beautiful Himalayas, Robert fell in love with Nepal. He has visited this beautiful country more than 30 times and he even climbed Mount Everest in 2004. During his treks, he rapidly noticed that the Sherpas and locals were chewing on small hard pieces throughout the day. That’s when the brilliant idea of Coucour was born: the creation of an all-natural and healthy dog treat…

Traditional Himalayan recipe!

In the United States, they discovered that dogs love this treat and chew it for hours. It is not surprising that today this snack has become extremely popular and is sold as a dog chew.

Hand-made production

Each chesse bone is hand-made in an IFS certified Belgian factory. The milk is transformed into cheese, then pressed and dried for over 3 months. The product is then cut into different sizes according to the customers requests.

"Our looooooooong-lasting chew treats offer a real moment of pleasure for dogs!"



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